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Happy Easter! 50 days of unbounded joy… a time to revel in the joys of life, of spring, and of blessings. In these days there is certainly no dearth of topics on which one can reflect. Personally, I’ve been spending time recently reflecting on change – saying good-bye to one thing in order to welcome something new. Saying good-bye is rarely easy. Even if we’re saying good-bye to something that has caused us some amount of hardship, it can be difficult to let go of something familiar in order to... more
It is the most joyous time of the liturgical year, the Easter season.  But amidst the celebration of the Resurrection, I am still carrying in my heart lessons from Holy Week.  I spent much of Holy Week praying with John chapters 13 through 17.  Of all the Gospels, these chapters give the most detailed account of the Last Supper; Jesus’ last intimate sharing with his closest friends before his death.  If you knew that you only had a day to live, what is the last, most important message you would... more
Just recently, I turned 50 years old with a memorable celebration! Reaching this new milestone is exciting because I am anticipating many new possibilities as religious life continues to evolve. As I fully embrace the next decade of vowed communal life, I want to share my appreciation to members of Giving Voice (GV) for connecting me to age related peers from around the country for the past fifteen years. More importantly, I also want to announce that it is time to for me to move... more
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