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The Giving Voice retreat for sisters in their 20s and 30s was held the weekend of January 15-17 in Phoenix, Arizona.   Our theme this year was “Contemplating the Mystery of Mercy.”  For me, it was an invitation to reflect on what it means to show mercy towards others. Together we prayed and celebrated the gift of religious life through play, like kickball and other kinds of play that caused much laughter.
“Many were gathered together…and Jesus was preaching the word to them. Some people came, bringing to Jesus a person who was paralyzed, carried by four friends.” (Adapted from Mark 2:1-12, An Inclusive Language Lectionary) When the fifteen of us sat in a circle pondering the image of this Gospel story Friday night, I didn’t realize how perfectly it would parallel my experience of the weekend.
Are you a Sister in her 40s?  REGISTER for our 40s Retreat, August 5 – 7, 2016. Join us for a weekend of prayer, conversation and laughter at the Giving Voice Biennial 40s Retreat in North Lake, Washington (just outside of Seattle). Registration Fees (includes registration, overnight accommodation and meals) are $200.  
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