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Also difficult out here...

Most of us reading this blog are relatively untouched by the federal government shutdown.

Not so out in Indian Country.

The biggest impacts here will certainly be in health care and law enforcement.

IHS Clinic in Sisseton, SD serves all tribal members.

We're not yet clear on the education angle. Our staff at the tribal school meets tomorrow and we'll find out how the federal government shutdown will impact our tribal education system, which is partially funded by Bureau of Indian Education funds. These are funds for education linked to this tribal nation's treaty rights. Some sources, including the Bureau of Indian Affairs Contingency Plan released to the public (link below) are saying our education-related funds are "exempted" from the shutdown. Others say that our contract status means we are going to be impacted. 

Tiospa Zina Tribal School

I guess we'll find out! 

BIA Release: Contingency Plan

Other coverage from various tribal and non-mainstream news sources:

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