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Another Adventurous Day

How much can you pack into a single week of fun? -->

Today brought exploring a gorgeous lily garden... followed by a trek up Laurel Run.

Laurel Run is a small local state park. It's known for its quiet creek and small waterfalls. A sign at the trail head reminded us to "Beware of Dangerous Animals" but... not a single zebra (see prior post) was to be found. We looked for bears... and saw none of those either! 

Oh, well, it was still beautiful. Although we saw a black swallowtail butterfly (extravagant!) he/she would not hold still for a photo.

Tomorrow closes this Tennessee chapter of this summer, as I load up the SUV and camp my way westward.... to Kansas City, KS, where I'll visit my brother and, I am sure, find some other fun things to do.

Stay tuned! You never know what's gonna be around the next bend!

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