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An Brief Update and a Video

Sometimes I am surprised at how faithful I was to writing weekly blog updates during my first and second experiences in Haiti.  The objective has always been to keep my religious community, family, friends, and anyone else who was interested informed about what is going on here.  It was a way of keeping in touch.   Writing them has sometimes been a therapeutic activity for me, helping me to make sense of my experiences here in Haiti.  It is something that I have often enjoyed doing. 

Here I am two months into my third experience in Haiti and I have not been writing consistently every week.  In general, things have been going well.  I am enjoying the children and staff and find the work rewarding and appropriately challenging.  In some ways, I am still getting used to how things work here and have yet to put writing my blog into my weekly routine as I did when I was in Cap-Haitian and in Tabarre eight years ago.  There is always plenty to write about, and I have every intention of getting back on track.  For this week I will simply share with you a beautiful YouTube video that the organization I am working for created for a fundraiser they held in the states over the weekend.    Enjoy! 

Have a good week!  Many blessings! 

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