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A Swahili proverb says Nyota nzuri huonekana asubuhi, which means a good day is visible in the morning. We have come together as Dominican novices and are happy to bring with us our lives, experiences, richness, talents and vulnerability. This was symbolized by our profound opening ritual. We had our soil from our mother houses, we put it in one common pot, and we planted some flowers in that pot. Could we all reflect and consider the meaning and the value of soil in our cultures? We will obviously discover that soil and people are bound to each other in many ways. We brought that richness of our individual soil, combining it to form a richer soil for our roots to grow together.

Standing on this rich soil, we are the young plants in that pot, and we need to be watered regularly. The Congregational Formation Representatives (CFR) embodied our congregations in that ritual. We are very much aware that our whole Dominican family is watering these plants to keep them alive. We are very thankful for your support, especially all the congregations participating in the Collaborative Dominican Novitiate: Adrian, Amityville, Blauvelt, Caldwell, Grand Rapids, Hope, Houston, Mission San Jose, Maryknoll, Oakford, Peace, Racine, San Rafael, Sinsinawa, Sparkill, Springfield, and Tacoma.

As you might have seen in our pictures, after one month, our life together has settled into a very nice rhythm: classes at Aquinas, Inter-Congregational Novitiate, Reflection every Friday, touching base with our directors every Thursday, visiting ministry sites, taking turns with cooking and leading prayer, and time for fun too!!! We have visited the famous Gateway Arch and went up and down. We went to the Botanical Gardens and have attended two Festivals so far. Not to forget our long trip to Kentucky where we met with our Sisters of Peace, and we were very grateful for their warm welcome. Never miss a visit to the Shaker Village while in Kentucky! There, you will have an opportunity of shaking your body while singing in a Shaker style!!

Until next week, please remember to pray for us as we keep you in our hearts always.

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