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Get to know Sister Tracey Horan, SP

About Sister Tracey

Current ministry: bilingual community organizer for Faith in Indiana

Complete the sentence: My good friend says I’m … stubborn. (I call it perseverance.)

Three things that are sure to make me smile are … a good pun, a beautiful landscape, Trevor Noah

When I am not at work or involved in ministry, you are most likely to find me … in the great outdoors

I am passionate about … healthy food

One thing most people don’t know about me is … that I once jumped off a bridge because everyone else was doing it.

Video: then-novice Sister Tracey Horan talks a bit about what led her to become a Sister of Providence


Video: then-novice Sister Tracey Horan on deciding to become a Sister of Providence


Video: then-novice Sister Tracey Horan on her life growing up


Video: glimmers of certainty and affirmation


Video: reactions from others when they learned she was becoming a Catholic sister


Video: Sister Tracey’s advice to others who are considering religious life


Video: Sister Tracey’s justice ministry as a bilingual community organizer


Video: Sister Tracey on what it takes to be a sister, her passions and more


Audio file: podcast of full interview with then-novice Sister Tracey Horan in 2016

Audio file: podcast of full interview with Sister Tracey Horan in 2018

Sister Tracey’s favorites

Favorite movie: Big Fish
Favorite hobby: hiking
Favorite book: “Faithful Dissenters” by Robert McClory (features Mother Theodore!)
Favorite childhood activity: creating musicals
Favorite pizza topping: mushrooms
Favorite quote: “You will see many things in new lights if you give the holy spirit free access to your minds and your hearts.” (Mother Theodore)
Favorite dessert: peanut butter chocolate ice cream
Favorite scripture passage: Ecclesiastes 3: 1-15
Favorite time of day: sunrise
Favorite season: fall

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