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Probably not a lot of sympathy...

... since much of the United States is dealing with the Polar Vortex.

But, for those of our blog readers who have never experienced a -55 degree F wind chill, imagine wearing multiple layers of cold weather gear, including a face mask, and STILL feeling pain in hands and face within about 4 minutes.

Not to worry, though. People generally do not bother to go outside in this! 

Our school is closed until Thursday, there's no mail delivery, and few people can even get their car to start, let alone drive someplace. God bless the EMTs and ambulance or fire department personnel who are risking their lives to venture out in this.

I am glad to report that yesterday (when it was warmer, at 7 degrees above zero) I finally got around to rigging up the long extension cord from inside the apartment, out a wedged-open window, dangling down to the ground, and then to the block engine heater on our vehicle. 

Here's the handiwork inside. It was cold enough outside that all I did was bundle up and go plug everything in! No exterior photos were worthy of taking off my mittens! 

Today, the extension cord is completely stiff, and the plastic coating cracks right off of it if you bend it! But, at least now I do not have to brave the elements to start and run the vehicle every 8 hours. That's the only other way to keep a vehicle usable when things get this cold. 

We in our apartment building are lucky- we are toasty warm!  There's both a housing shortage, and a lot of substandard housing out here, so in weather like this, the tribal government always puts its motels on standby for families whose electric or propane heat conks out. Without heat, they'd literally freeze to death. Let's hope everyone here stays safe and warm... and, for those of you impacted by this Antarctic-like weather, stay warm and safe! Nina ośni! Roughly translated, that's  "it's too darn cold to go outside the tipi without freezing off various important body parts!!"

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