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Spelunking With Friends

Well, not exactly  spelunking... but truly an up-close and personal visit to a cave.

Appalachian Caverns is one of 5000 caves in Tennessee and seemed to offer us a cool opportunity for adventure on a very hot and muggy summer day. 

So, off we ventured, we four intrepid explorers (and our guide). What a crew! One with a power wheelchair , one with forearm crutches, one with the strength to shove, cajoul, push, and pivot the wheelchair if it got stuck, and one with a camera to document for posterity.  All also packed a foundational sense of humor and a bundle of true grit. Those last two turned out to be important. 

Traversing steep, wet, drippy, slippery slopes required a death grip on the railing and avoiding equally slippery guano... it was so treacherous that descending mandated as much hard work, courage and careful maneuvering as ascending back to the surface!

Some of us could manage the section of the caves that required climbing. Those who couldn't waited patiently because we'd need all hands on deck to ascend to the surface. 

Yup. One of us did leave a butt print in the slick and sticky mud down below. But, we all made it up and out.

This bat was, no doubt,  laughing hysterically as it watched our antics. I suspect the guide, who earned bonus points for taking our unique journey in stride,  was also laughing  as she retold the story over the next few days. I know we sure were! 

Pooped but hungry,  we celebrated our successful adventure with supper at Golden Corral. 

A good time was had by all! 

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