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There was not a single "No Trespassing" sign, so naturally....

... we explored!

This place should be of special pertinence to sisters who donned polyester navy blue suits following the changes of Vatican II. It was a polyester factory!! Who knows... your very own navy blue polyester suit (which is probably still hanging in the back of your closet) could have been made here!! Whee!!

This sprawling industrial complex was abandoned years ago, and today is a landscape of abandoned equipment and partly-demolished buildings waiting for some other industry to come in and build anew. 

Usually (and I know this from personal experience) such fascinating land areas are carefully fenced, locked, and all sorts of threatening "Do Not" signage is applied everywhere you look. But, not this one!

It was our lucky day!

As you view these next pictures, try not to be thinking "Why the heck was she walking around such potentially dangerous equipment to take pictures!?!" and instead reflect upon the "amazing interplay of light and shadow and the interactions of lines and angles,"  "...that captures the inter-relationship between past and present," in a "powerful metaphor of the impact of humanity upon the environment. Feel free to add, "and this one is really a great composition." 

Got it? 😁😁😁

We didn't just hang out among the ruins. We also followed a winding gravel road up a big hill. These next photos give you a sense of the layout of the property.

You never know what else you might discover, which is why I always do this type of exploring with an open mind. 

While looking around up at the top of the hill, we came upon a dilapidated building in which a lone buzzard was perching. Having not spent much time "up close and personal" with buzzards, this was really, really cool! (Except, they stink. A lot. Ewww.)

Committee. Venue. Kettle. Wake.
That's what you call a group of buzzards.
A committee is a group sitting around at rest. So is a venue. A kettle is a group flying together. And a wake, naturally, is a group in a shared dining experience around a dead thing.

I point this out merely to show you that walking around an abandoned industrial park with a camera can be educational, as well as artistic!

I know... you wish you were here, right?

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