Wednesday, March 22, 2017

We want to welcome you to Giving Voice AND help get you set up for a great experience in our Spring Circle Conversations as well as our National Gathering.

Please join us on March 22nd 5:00PT/8:00ET on Zoom, an online conferencing and collaboration platform.

We will be introducing and using PeerSpirit circle process on our Zoom Call. This call is for those who are new to Giving Voice and those who would like a refresher about PeerSpirit Circle Process.

Our Agenda is:

Welcome to Giving Voice and Circle
A bit about Peerspirit Circle Process
Check-in: What is the longing that brings you here?
Spring Circles News
How Giving Voice organizes itself and how to get the most out of GV.
Hearing about your Passions/Call - What is calling to YOU these days?
Check-Out - what learning or inspiration do you take with you from our call.

If you know other Sisters (under 50) who want to be part of our Spring Circle Conversations or National Gathering please spread the word.

Event type: 
Private event (GV Sisters only)