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20s & 30s Retreat

Jan 18 to 20, 2019
Phoenix, AZ

Calling all sisters in their 20s & 30s! Join us next January 18-20 in Phoenix, AZ for Giving Voice’s peer-led weekend of prayer, relaxation and community. Registration will be posted soon! 

What does Giving Voice’s 20s & 30s retreat offer that you can’t get anywhere else?

“Peer leadership. You just get a whole different feel because your peers are running it. The fellowship for sure, and the freedom. It was very clear that you can come to the sessions and if you need to do something else, you can do something else. If you needed time for self-care you are welcome to do that. It’s free and open, and a really great space for sharing and for dreaming new possibilities. I didn’t realize how much I needed that time with the community and how much energy and how reinvigorated I got just by being with everybody. I’m looking forward to it next year!” –Sister Mandy Carrier

Check out our facebook album from last year’s 20s & 30s retreat!