Applying Moisturizer

In some parts of this country folks are living in drought conditions because they haven’t had enough rain to sustain the lands and its produce. Like the land, discernment also needs moisture if it’s going to reveal paths we are meant to travel.

What pray tell could we possibly mean by moisture in discernment? Anything that softens and opens us or that leaves us pliable and flexible could satisfy as a moisturizer in the process of discerning God’s call for our lives.

One solid activity that moisturizes is giving ourselves time with the Word of God, letting ourselves read and re-read the Scriptures, reflecting on its truth for us in this moment. During this extended time of keeping distance from others, I recommend you give yourself the gift of quiet time with one or more of the Scripture passages below:

Jeremiah 29:11

I Samuel 3:1-21

Isaiah 6:1-8

Luke 1:26-56

Matthew 4:18-22

If you would like to join with others for support and to reflect on these and other Scripture passages, please send me an email ( to find out more. We will be starting an online group in mid-July to listen to God’s Word. We would welcome you to join us. 

Check out this video: How Nature Nourishes our Discernment

May you have what you need for the journey,

Sister Tarianne