Being Earthlings

As we began Community Days 2022 this week with great anticipation of being together – albeit virtually – we were challenged by this statement of Parker Palmer:


“Before you tell your life what you intend to do with it, 

ask your life what it intends to do with you.”


It really is an illusion to think we are in total control of our lives. We are part of the unfolding universe, living in relationship with everything that makes up the Earth community, spinning in a tiny part of the Milky Way Galaxy, among millions of galaxies, some of which are coming into view for the first time through the lens of the James Webb Telescope.


Can we learn from the universe what our lives intend to do with us? We are inextricably tied to  planet Earth, and we are called to be her caregivers and life-givers and co-creators with our God. Whatever else we intend to do with our lives, it will be in the context of that primary responsibility. May we accept it with gratitude and joy!


Do you know what your life intends to do with you?


Erica Jordan, OP

Kenosha, WI