A “Busy,” “Normal” Weekend

You know how sometimes you experience moments, and they almost feel “normal.” Like a moment that you would have experienced before March 2020. This weekend had a touch of that.

On Saturday we heard an excellent presentation on contemplation and grief. When I say “excellent,” I mean, it was the kind of material that one works with for the rest of her life. One of the lines that I wrote down and will contemplate for a while was:

I have to believe that I can never have an experience apart from God.

Today we listened in on Zoom as our sister, Joan, spoke on the theme of beauty to inaugurate a lecture series on Art and Spirituality sponsored by the Pucker Gallery, where much of the pottery collection of Brother Thomas, who was an artist-in-residence in our community, is located.

Today, in the mild, about 50-degree weather, I even gave a haircut to one of my sister’s outside!
Last night, in our Lenten vigil reflections, we heard about “sacred encounters” as this weekend’s gospel was the Transfiguration. Our sister who reflected reminded us, so simply and wonderfully, that all experiences have the potential to be a sacred encounter with the present moment, with the Divine.
I have to believe that I can never have an experience apart from God, indeed.
This weekend was full of those holy moments. I hope you had a few, too.
Blessings as we continue on this journey.
Let us walk in the holy presence.

Our squirrel friend is usually not so still and centered while on the feeder pole.
He’s usually an acrobat! In this moment, a Zen master! Goals.