Cherry Blossom Meditation

All works of the Lord,
Bless the Lord-
Praise and exult God
   above all forever.
Daniel 3: 57

In this time of global brokenness
  this single cherry tree-
     filled with pinks and greens and
     backed by the blue of a May sky
     and the white of well-placed cumulus-
– holds me with its subtle scents,
     gently welcoming this goldfinch,
     that sparrow, a trio of jays,
     and offering sanctuary to
     industrious communities of
     ants and nectar-sipping bees.

I, beneath its laden branches, host
     gnats, tiny spiders, even 
     an early mosquito or two.

Slowly, Earth turns. 
Shadows lengthen.

I feel the sun’s heat upon my neck. 
I catch whiffs of mown grass, cows, and swamp.

I do not need to page open Vespers,
     For right here, around me,
     through me, in me
Is Evening Prayer-
     and all that it can mean
     and all that it has ever meant.