A day of hiking at Lake Katherine Nature Center and Botanical Gardens

After a busy week, we thought going out for a picnic was ideal, especially before the cold weather kicks in. We all settled on Lake Katherine. It is located nearPalos Height in the suburbs of Chicago. 

Our first stop in the park was at the beautiful human-made waterfall. It looked about 300 feet in length and it joined up with the lake on the east side of the park. The waterfall is a perfect fit with the overall look and flow of the park.

                                                In the background is the human-made waterfall. 

This adventure evoked reflection on how connected we all are;
within our inner selves, with each other, Mother Earth and the planet,  awakening of wholeness; that we cannot be separated from the cosmos as much as we cannot be separated from the air we breathe, the ground that we walk on or the food that we eat. How beautiful it would be if we felt this in our hearts and not just understood it at the intellectual level.

Quoting the book ‘Journey of the Universe’ by Brian Thomas Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker, “every time we are drawn to look up into the night sky and reflect on the awesome beauty of the universe, we are actually the universe reflecting on itself, and this changes everything.” We felt blessed to be part of this universe as we looked in awe at the scenic beauty, wildlife, nature trails, and exchanged smiles and hellos from bikers and those whom we shared the same walk trails.

God’s touch through the sunrays – perhaps the universe reflecting on itself!

Lake Katherine has a canal that connects to Tomahawk Lake through a lush green forest. However, this canal is not in use since they discovered that Tomahawk Lake is two feet lower than the canal and Lake Katherine. The canal could have been excavated around 1911 to 1922 .….. Very interesting.

The canal connecting Lake Katherine to Tomahawk Lake