Dominicans and Summertime

I am a star gazer.  There is nothing more stirring than the summer night sky full of stars.   I relish in those rare opportunities offered to see the sky without artificial light.  Peering into the night’s sky, I am moved to wonder.  
As Dominicans, God’s creation, at any time of year, calls us to reflect upon our vision.  How wide is my own understanding of God?  
The American theologian, Ilia Delio, asked in her book, Emergent Christ (2011), “How deep is the divine mystery for us? (138)  Am I open to the interrelatedness creation invites? 
Being willing to participate in the furthering of truth, beauty, and goodness, is co-creating with God.  Even in the midst of a pandemic, when we are locked down and missing so much, each day offers us a number of opportunities to share in and spread the generous giftedness through which all flourishes and grows.  We can actually turn that stardust we share with those stars in the night sky into creative love, justice, and hope!  
What about you?  What do the stars in the summer sky remind you of?
Peggy Ryan, OP
River Forest, IL