Each Life – Its Own Story

This past week a good friend was called to new life in God.  As one of Sister’s friends, I was invited to gather around the table with the Motherhouse liturgist and others who are involved in planning wake services and funeral liturgies for Sisters.  I felt honored to be called to participate in the design of the rituals celebrating the life of my friend.  

This process was also very healing for me as I told story after story describing my experience of and participation in the life of Sister.  I think of her as a gentle woman, so peaceful, giving, and loving with the “too-numerous-to-count” first graders she taught to read and write. Sister masterfully instructed children in beginning mathematics.  There was no memorization of math facts in her classroom; she coached children how to arrive at answers through innovative exercises.  Most of all she loved, cherished, and affirmed each child.  


As the sharing of the narratives was coming to an end, and we had a sense of how to celebrate and remember the life of our Sister, the liturgist said, “Each life has its own story.”  I think that about sums it up. 


And yes, Gentle Woman is one of the hymns we chose for the Eucharistic liturgy, and the picture on the front of the worship aid is Jesus caressing a child.


What is your story?

What do you want those who have been left behind to remember how you made a difference because you lived?


Anne Sur OP

East Dubuque, IL