Glimpses of God hidden in plain sight

I bet like most people, you appreciate beauty. I have found myself startled by beauty this Fall. I turn the corner and am dazzled by a gloriously red leaved Maple tree. It seems lit up from within. I turn again and my  breathe is taken away by tiny bright yellow leaves hanging on the tips of bare branches and arranged like ornaments. 

If we only open our eyes to the magnificence of our natural environment, we can appreciate these manifestations of the Divine and take a moment to appreciate and give thanks for such beauty. The other night I looked up and was stopped in my tracks by the beauty of the crescent moon juxtaposed by Venus, a bright jewel in the dark sky. 


And then there is the freshness of dawn, beautifully painted every morning, fleeting but truly glorious. So even though we humans have caused and are causing so much damage to our environment we are still held in mercy and beauty. May we work towards truly appreciating and giving thanks. Doing a better job of caring for such gifts from the creator.


How do you catch glimpses of God as you walk through your day?


Isabel Rafferty OP

Madison, WI