Happy Pi Day!

Praise God for whomever the mathematician/scientist was who loved equally the lab and the kitchen. For this we get to celebrate Pi Day on March 14th each year. 3.14 translating to 3/14…just wonderful!

We took to the kitchen yesterday in preparation. All we be enjoyed at our noon meal today, plus a little freshly whipped cream! Yes, I will be donning my “Pi Day” shirt, given to me by someone who loves numbers just as much as I do.

It took about 3 dozen key limes just to get 1.5 cups of juice…so small as they are!

the amount of graham crackers purchased was the exact amount we needed for the crusts
INCREDIBLY satisfying!

very serious bakers

and some regular crusts, too…6 graham cracker, 6 flour in all

Fascinated by the consistency of the condensed milk…

Let us walk in the presence.