I heard the

 I heard the cry…..I want to see Jesus…..

(A reflection on MK 10:46-52)


“I want to see Jesus,” a few seconds later, I heard the cry louder, “I want to see Jesus”

I was struck and distracted by a voice from a few pews behind me and when I turned around, there was a little girl with her parents. She wanted to get closer to the altar so that she could see Jesus. Similar to the little girl, the blind man also begged Jesus to help him see in Mark 10: 46-52. This is also true for many of us. Many of my sister novices and I are yearning and longing to see and to experience God’s presence in our neighbors, in all creation, in our daily lives, and in our journeys, especially this year. We desire to see more.

The sun and the moon shining together in the morning at our 4950 S Ellis Avenue House.

In Mark’s Gospel, not only did Jesus help the blind man to see, Jesus also opened the disciple’s and the people’s eyes and hearts to see. Jesus called them to bring the Good News, hope, encouragement, and to have a merciful and compassionate heart like he did, toward the cries of the blind man.  

This story reminded me of my Godmother’s neighbors and village in Vietnam during this pandemic. Her family has shared their bread and rice with their neighbors. And when the neighbors have vegetables or chicken, they would also divide them up. Yes, in her village, the people saw Jesus in each other and heard each other’s cries. They embraced each other’s hardships and joys. They shared their blessings and handed each other bread and rice. Surprisingly, when we are open to let God help us see, we also become more vulnerable and can be transformed by God.

Sr. Margie at the HoW garden               the fruits  they shared         Blessings brought to the table at the CDN

The House of Welcome in Columbus sharing their abundant joys and blessings with the CDN community. Thank You!

Each new day, we are blessed with many blessings.  Are we able to see how God has been so generous to us and be thankful?  And do we have enough courage to ask God to help us see? Like the blind man’s yearning, “Rabbi, I want to see.” or like the cries of the little girl, “I want to see Jesus.”