I learn many things at the lake

Contemplative kayaking along the edges affords me the opportunity to become more deeply aware of the many expressions of life. The amazing rocks and roots systems of gnarled fallen trees that bridge themselves between land and water and sprout all kinds  of new growth moss, grass, and plantings. They become warm places for turtles to climb on and soak up the sun. They become places for otters to play. Badgers can pull away small bits of dried twigs to build their dens. Herons stand sentinel in the cattails and mother ducks keep watchful eyes on their exuberant young chicks. Native plants flower around the edges, loons nest and eagles perch on the tops of the tall living trees and swoop down to fish. 

We are so  blessed to be part of this amazing abundance of life expressing itself at this moment in time.

Where do I belong in this tapestry of life? For  certainly I am an integral part. How do I honor all life? How do I honor all living beings? Contribute to the healing of the whole?


As we celebrate Independence Day, how do I practice the truth of our  interdependence with all life?


Isabel Rafferty OP

Madison, WI