Just ‘cuz it’s not WARM yet….

 … isn’t gonna stop us from our Gr. 2 “Dino Dig!”

Yes, that is a tiny dinosaur on her glove. She’s just finished chipping it out of a “stone” with her “rock hammer” and “chisel.” She’s also “unearthed” a fossilized shark tooth (real).

“I wanna be a paleontologist!”

We also made our own fossils after examining fossils of ancient shell fish which I got years ago from a colleague who worked at a marine science center each winter. She hauled fifty pounds of rocks here one May, on her way from Florida to her home in Manitoba, Canada.

The year before, she hauled a huge box of shells.

So, after studying the fossils, learning about ancient life via some stories and videos, we made our own marine fossils with clay. They came out really cool.

Tomorrow will be “Dinosaur Art Day” and the kids will color, draw, and read about dinosaurs, and will create  the dinosaur art we need for our bulletin board.

Yay for SCIENCE!

PS: Here’s me making the “rocks” for the Dino Dig. Plaster plus sand plus water = a mess… plus a mix that will harden around the dinosaur and the tooth fossil.

If you need the recipe for the Dino Dig “rocks” let me know. I hold the patent. ?