Just released! Sparrow: A Book of Life and Death and Life

Beloved friends, today is the day! It is a bittersweet joy to announce the release of Sparrow: A Book of Life and Death and Life. I am so pleased to say that in celebration of this day, I sat down with my amazing friend and editor, Christianne Squires, to record a conversation about Sparrow to share with you. In this video, you’ll hear about how Sparrow came to be, what makes it different from my other books, and how grief is the least linear thing I know. (Spoiler alert: also one of the most graced.) (For my email subscribers: If you don’t see the video player, click here to go to The Painted Prayerbook, where you can view it in this post.)

For info and to order Sparrow in hardcover or as an eBook, visit janrichardson.com/books. Many thanks to all who have already placed an order! If you live outside the United States, please know that you can order books directly from my website. We are always happy to ship internationally.

Please note that if you’re ordering through Amazon, they might show a significant delay in the delivery date. This is likely due to Covid-19 delays. While we don’t expect it will take as long as they might indicate, you can always order via the Books page on my website, and it will be shipped promptly. For immediate access, you can order Sparrow as an eBook.

On this Sparrow release day, I am so grateful for the graces you bring to the path and for your companionship that has helped make this day possible. I am sending so many blessings for you.