Life-giving Multicultural Community

Recently I was part of a Zoom sharing on what elements of life-giving Dominican Community we are currently experiencing,  Of course, everyone mentioned praying together, eating together, sharing household tasks and showing care for one another. Study was mentioned, too, either together or sharing what one has learned with the other members.
In addition, I shared my experience of living in a multicultural, intergenerational community. Two of us are older and two are quite a bit younger. We find it enriching to learn from each other as we share life together. The younger members are so considerate of our limitations, but we older members are able to contribute quite a bit to our common life. 
One sister is from Vietnam, so as she is getting to know our culture we are getting to know hers. We pray the Our Father in Vietnamese each night and we are treated some days to Vietnamese-based meals, such as spring rolls with peanut sauce. Artwork from Vietnam adorns our walls and our tables. I am learning about the important feast days and how they are celebrated in Vietnam. How enriching it is to experience the beauty of another culture and to be connected with the global community in this particular way.  Best of all, our common Dominican charism truly unifies us.
What have been your experiences of another culture?  How have you been enriched?
Marie Lucek OP
Madison, WI