When I entered the Novitiate, conformity, uniformity were the themes of the day. No casting of the eyes. Hands under scapula. Little sleeves had only one purpose, not to be used for dusting pianos! Particular friendships were frowned upon. It was 1902, no, 1964. 

The rolly polly pope, John XXIII, had just opened the doors of the church to experimentation and ecumenism. What a breath of fresh air it was for many of us. 


Time has changed us. Seasons have nurtured our vision to embrace a global world deepening Cosmically our Contemplative spirituality.


Our soul’s field has and is being tilled and composted by pandemics of every sort. Sexism, racism, inequality, politics, lies, cover ups, climate change, division and abuse rage while the Institutional Church remains almost mute.


As Sinsinawa Dominicans, we have taken visual and active stances against these wildfires of rage and displaced power.


Now it is time for harvesting. Just as Vatican II opened doors, we are unhinging ours to create a new design and rhythm, where all cultures are welcome to share ethnic foods, and to live and pray as one. All contributing  their voice in co-creating a community of harmony in unison with Creation. A place holding all that was, is and will be!


Our pages continue to turn in the history of time to reveal the Divine on every page as an ever-expanding Presence.


Caroline Sullivan, OP