Three songs describe the discovery of my call to religious life.

In grade school: “No, No, a Thousand Times NO!”

In high school: “Going My Way?”

In college: “You Are My Sunshine.”

The idea of a religious vocation was always in the back of my mind, but I never “wanted to.”

Shortly before college graduation, it became “I want to WANT TO.”


I had been taught that we should develop whatever talents God has given us.

Early in my life, I liked music and mathematics the best.  I enjoyed being able to keep them in my studies. I attended Catholic schools, taught by Ursuline Nuns (8 years) and Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters (8 years). Prayer was a daily routine at first but became more important to me as the years progressed.


It will not be the same in someone else’s call to serve God.

One of our popular hymns these days says it all:  “Will You Come and Follow Me?”


Sr. Rosa Rauth