This is “Native American Heritage Month”

 So, I will share with you a fascinating article from the Smithsonian’s exhibit “Because of Her Story.” 

For those of you who love Native flute music, the piece by Mary Youngblood (number 5 in the article) is supposed to be really good. 

And in honor of Mary Golda Ross (see number 1 in the article), I’ll share pictures of some of the Dakota Nation’s budding engineers. This week was Tower Week for the second graders!

Each student had 12 minutes and 15 index cards to build the tallest
tower they could build. We also taught them how to
measure in inches.

That is Wambdi, our classroom “eagle” that
Michael is trying to balance on top
of his tower. 

The Grade 4 learners enjoyed LEGO WEEK:

You can see how much we enjoy the many, many LEGOS donated and gifted by so many friends. (Wanna know how I know there are “many MANY”?  It’s because I knocked over the cart full of LEGOS last week… and they did not put themselves back into the cart.)