Prayer for Peace in the Ukraine


For the past week we have been inundated by the news of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine.  It has been difficult to watch the gut wrenching views of women guiding their children across the border to Poland leaving their homes and husbands and fathers behind.  Many are staying to fight and defend their homeland.  Watching the reports, I was touched by a man who owned and apartment building with empty apartments.  Apparently, he drove three hours to the border to offer shelter to those in need.  What an incredible show of compassion and the desire to help.  This is only one of many outreaches that have taken place.

Right now, it seems that the one thing we can do is pray for the people of the Ukraine.  May we storm Heaven with prayer so that the hearts of those supporting this invasion will be changed and the violence will end.  Pope Francis has called for a day of prayer and fasting on Ash Wednesday for the people of the Ukraine.  Let us take time to pray fervently along with Pope Francis and the world for an end to this.  May the people of the Ukraine know our support and prayer that they may once again be able to live in peace and harmony.

Prayer for Peace in the Ukraine

O Prince of Peace,

Once more we hear the guns of war,

Once more we see the faces

Of frightened children.


We pray for the people of Ukraine,

That they may be granted peace;

We pray for the people of Russia,

That they may demand peace;

We pray for our country,

That we may be a positive part

Of peacemaking in this world.


O Prince of Peace,

Lead us from this dark time

To a deeper understanding

Of the global human family,

So all may break bread together

In the secure embrace of peace.  Amen

Jane Deren, Ph.D.