Reflective Moments with Angela for July 2021

By Sister Marietta Wethington

I grew up in a very hospitable home. My parents always welcomed anyone who stopped by.

If it happened to be at mealtime, they were invited to eat with us. As I reflect on that, I am reminded that Jesus told us that the Kingdom of God is like a banquet where all people, regardless of age, skin color or economic standing, are invited.

That pushes me to a deeper reflection: Is our Church hospitable? Do we welcome everyone to the table, or do we have rules that limit our hospitality?

Is our country hospitable? Do we welcome neighbors from other countries – especially those from the south?

Do we really welcome those with different colored skin? The Latino person? The Black person? Do we really believe that Black Lives Matter? Or is that something we glibly recite because we have heard it so much?

It is my prayer that each of us will learn the way of hospitality, draw new neighbors from other places and build the kind of loving community that Jesus described.