Reflective Moments July 2020

Recently I came across a saying that tells us the poor have much to teach us. As I thought about that I asked myself what the poor can teach us. Dependence is one thing.

Most of us like to be independent. I remember when one of my nephews was little and his mother wanted to help him do something, he told her that he wanted to do it “by self.” Many times, I want to do something “by self.” I don’t want another person to help me. Sometimes I think I don’t even want God to help me. Is that good? No. I need the help of my Sisters in community. Sometimes I need the help of my siblings and my friends. Most of all I need the help of God.

The poor can also teach us that it is all right to ask for help when we need it. Sometimes I am very hesitant to ask for the help I need. Maybe I feel like that is a weakness in me and I am embarrassed. That is not true. I feel complimented when someone asks me for help. Perhaps I should remember that when I need to ask for help. The poor trust that their needs will be met. Do I?

One of our Ursuline Associates worked in Jamaica for a while. She told me that when people have empty hands it is easier for their hearts to be full. A good thing to remember. Empty hands equal full hearts. I believe the poor have much to teach us.

By: Sister Marietta Wethington