Reflective Moments May 2020

Someone, unknown to me, tells us the purpose of words is to teach, inspire and motivate.

Someone else, also unknown to me, gives us the word, THINK, to help us reflect on our words.

T – are they true?

H – are they helpful?

I – are they inspiring?

N – are they necessary?

K – are they kind?

So many times, though probably not enough, I recall those two adages before I speak.

How do my words teach, inspire, motivate?

Are they really true, helpful, necessary and kind?

Jesus is the spoken Word of God. I ask myself how my words reflect Jesus. Would Jesus approve of my words? Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. I strive not to speak negative words, especially about another person. Do I always succeed? No.

I ask Saint Angela to take me to the feet of Jesus. If Jesus teaches me, I will be well taught.

By: Sister Marietta Wethington