Remember Who You Are

I am borrowing words from the St. Croix Objibwe, Big Drum People.  I just finished hearing and seeing the eyes and faces of Mitchell La Sarge and Wanda McFaggen  from a PBS Wisconsin series Tribal Histories.  My heart is full.  What does that have to do with sharing about Dominican life? 

Yesterday I participated in an all-day virtual assembly of Sinsinawa to facilitate our ownership of a new land acknowledgment that connects us to the people who enjoyed the place we call The Mound long before we existed. We were led to ponder what will enable Sinsinawa community to connect with or support Indigenous Resurgence and Justice?

Mitchell La Sarge shared a great love and concern for the younger generations of their people, many who are turning to drugs or leaving the traditions of the Big Drum People. He searches the youth to learn what are they passionate about.

Dominicans might also ask new generations. What are you passionate about? What traditions help you to remember who you are?

I am grateful Dominicans passed sacred traditions to me. I’m grateful for connecting now and being supported to grow, as I remember who I am.

Joan Duerst, OP
Madison, WI