Signs From God


Signs from God


“Signs,” according to Webster’s dictionary, are objects, qualities or events whose presence indicates the probable presence or occurrence of something else, which points to a deeper reality or meaning. I’ve been seeing many “new signs” since moving to the novitiate 3 months ago. Some “signs” are human-made and some are God-made. Some of the human-made “signs” here in Chicago have been very enlightening. Some “signs,” both human-made and God-made, have given me direction and orientation and some have given me hope and encouragement.  Do you ever wish that God would give you a “sign” from heaven as a way of giving you some definitive guidance or direction? Sometimes, I’m so busy looking to the heavens for a “sign” from God, that I miss the “signs” that God is making happen right in front of me. This novitiate year of prayer and discernment at the CDN is giving me “new sight” to see the “signs,” both human-made and God-made, which are present all around me.



On occasion, God has blessed me with some clear “signs” in my life that have revealed God’s will to me. I try to take these “signs” as sacred gifts and I am grateful for the hope and encouragement that I have received from them. “New signs” have been abundant during my short time here at the CDN, especially in confirming that I am right where God wants me to be.



“Signs” are evidence that God’s presence is among God’s people. I am taking the time today to reflect upon the greatest “sign” God has ever given and if I find myself struggling with questions in my life, I will fix my “sight” on this one definitive “sign”: the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. It is there that every question I have can be answered. During this graced time of novitiate, I will try not to miss the “signs” that God has planned for me and I will set my “sights” for “seeing” the many “signs” presented each day.