Sisters 2.0 Gathering & Summer Sisters


Sisters 2.0 is a group of Catholic Sisters born after 1955 gathering for sharing, networking, and mutual support. 
Due to the challenges of life in COVID and of several of our personal and community situations, we have not been able to meet for several months. However, it’s time to gather again. You can go to our FB group: or message me directly at for more information on our May 7, 2021 online gathering. 
A lot has been happening this year for all of us as we learn to navigate the ever-changing world of COVID and keep abreast with community and ministry. This will be a chance for us to gather and catch up. Then we can begin again with our sharing of our experience of religious life today.

Summer Sisters

Summer Sisters is an idea that we have been kicking around for a few years. The idea is to open our hearts and our homes to one another over the summer. It is open to Sisters in various religious communities. So, we would like to take this opportunity to invite Sisters to stay with us over the summer in St. Louis. We are specifically inviting GV and 2.0 Sisters who would like to spend a little time with us. Call it retreat, vacation, mini-sabbatical, inter-community sisterhood networking, eco-spirituality immersion, urban eco-village experience, etc. You may have heard of couch-surfing… this would be more like convent-surfing.
Summer/retreat/vacation time is a great time to open our doors to one another, to build the networks among us and to nourish the spirit that is moving among us. Reach out to me at to see if this is something that can work out for you and for us. 

As always, blessings on your journey.