Sisters bless the portrait of Father Paul Joseph Volk that now hangs in Saint Joseph Villa

The Ursuline Sisters held a prayer service and blessing on Nov. 1, 2021, for the portrait of Father Paul Joseph Volk which now hangs in Saint Joseph Villa.

Father Volk helped found the community in Maple Mount when he asked Ursuline Sisters of Louisville to send teachers to open Mount Saint Joseph Academy in 1874. In 1981, Paul Volk Hall was built as housing and offices for some Sisters, and a portrait of Father Volk – painted from a photo taken of him late in his life – has hung in the building ever since. Paul Volk Hall is closed and the portrait now hangs in the Villa lobby.

Sister Suzanne Sims, director of local community life at the Mount, quoted “Soul Seeking with Paul Volk,” the book written by Father Paul Prabell, that said Father Volk waited until Nov. 2, 1919, to die because he wanted to go to heaven on All Souls Day.

“The last Mass he said with the Sisters was on Oct. 21, 1919 – the feast of Saint Ursula,” Sister Suzanne said.

Here are some photos from the brief ceremony.