Spring is Arriving

Didn’t it seem like spring would never arrive this year.  And while we were waiting, COVID-19 came to our world and began to wreak havoc among us.  As we watch news reports, we see so much suffering and devastation, and yet at the same time we witness the best in human beings’ care and compassion for one another.  As we ponder the dark days in our lives and continue to hope for more light at the end of this tunnel, we grasp for hope, faith, and ever more insight.  
A breakfast conversation with some of our sisters some time ago (before social distancing) led me to believe that suffering does, in fact, make us stronger, give us wisdom, and in the end, enables us to be the women we are today – powerful, durable, intelligent, prudent, hopeful women of faith able to share the “Good News” that God is indeed with us throughout all we are experiencing.
So I’ve continued searching for the signs of spring, and I have begun to see my favorite images of spring – those wispy, baby green leaves on the trees and the daffodils emerging from the earth, 
While we wait, let us all continue to hold each other in our hearts and prayers as we “keep on keeping on” amidst both the suffering and the bold, courageous compassion.  
Anne Sur, OP

East Dubuque, IL