Surviving or Thriving in COVID-19

At the beginning of 2021 unlike other years, I did not bother to make any resolutions.  As I thought that my main goal this year was ‘operation surviving COVID-19.’  My thinking at the time was what is the point of resolutions or goals in a time of COVID-19.  I must say that this way of thinking has changed for me as I have come to make some semblance of peace with the fact that COVID-19 will be here for at least the rest of this year or more.  Does that mean that I put my life on hold and not work on the areas I need to grow in and not to set the goals that I need to achieve?  Well of course not!


COVID-19 to me has been the great eye opener.  It has helped underlined to me the importance of relationships, the importance of something as big or small as a touch or a hug.  I am a hugger.  I can hug strangers and it is not a problem.  I miss hugging.  Unfortunately for me and other like me this is not allowed.  It means that I have to now go deep inside of me to see the areas that I need physical contact, and this has to be met in a more non-tactile more emotional way.

COVID-19 has also thought me not to take people or situations for granted.  It has made it very clear that life is fragile and that we only have the here and now.  There is no time for do overs or to spend too much time grieving about the past or wishing for a speedy future.  All we have is the here and now.  My resolution is to enter as best as possible into this here and now.  What is this present time asking of me?  How is this present time calling forth a particular growth within me?


COVID-19 has underlined the fact that life is very precious, the time we spend with our love ones and how we help others is the crux of the matter.  I am here for a purpose and I am realising that purpose now, COVID or no COVID, life is short and waits for no one.  Let us try and make the best of it by helping and serving others along the way.


Sr. Lystra Long, OP

St. Joseph, Trinidad & Tobago