Thanksgiving for the Earth


Yesterday we had our annual Prayer Service in thanksgiving for our benefactors, friends, families, associates, and all those who support our ministries.  It was an opportunity to thank all those who have supported us.  Early in the prayer we prayed in Thanksgiving for the Earth.  It was a moving experience as one of our sisters held a bowl of incense and faced the four directions as the prayer below was read.  May we pray for our earth and all who inhabit it.

Thanksgiving for the Earth                                                          

Creator, the strength of all creatures, we honor you. Listen to the thoughts of your people.  We honor your Spirit who renews the world and calls us to care for your creation to the East, to the South, to the West and to the North.

We live by the ways you have entrusted to us within the circle of life. Come Great Spirit as we gather in your name.

We look to the East:

The place of dawning, there is beauty in the morning, there the seeker finds new visions as each sacred day is born. All who honor life around them, all who honor life within, shall shine with light and glory when the morning comes again. And we pray, Come Holy Spirit, Come

We look to the South:

In the South, the place of growing, there is wisdom in the earth, Both the painful song of dying and joyful song of birth. As the Earth gives up her lifeblood so that her children’s hearts may beat, so we give back to her our reverence for the holy ground beneath our feet. And we pray, Come Holy Spirit, Come

We look to the West:

The place of seeing, there is born a vision of the servant of the servants, who proclaimed the Gospel to us. Guide us at the end of each day and fill us with your peace. And we pray, Come Holy Spirit, Come

We look to the North:

We look to God our Creator who cleanses our earth with snow, wind, and rain. To Jesus who fills us with the wideness of mercy and grace and lovingly embraces all the people.  And the Holy Spirit who comes to inspire us. And we pray, Come Holy Spirit, Come

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