Vacation Blessings


This week I had the opportunity for a vacation week.  It was wonderful to be out in Long Island with some friends and just be.  The week could not have been more perfect with cool temperatures at night and not too hot during the day.  It was perfect beach weather and pool weather.  There is something so wonderful about having a vacation.  It doesn’t have to be a long journey or a trip to an exotic place.  Sometimes it is nice to just have a leisurely time close to home.

Having the time to just stop and get away from all the busyness and demands on one’s time is a blessing.  For me it was nice to have time to pray, read and reflect on life.  Taking time away definitely has renewed my spirit and I am so grateful that the weather was as nice as it was and that I was able to go to my “happy place” – the beach.  I always love to sit and watch the ocean as the tide comes in and out.  It amazes me that each time the tide comes in or goes out the water is never the same.  It was wild the first time I went over to the beach.  The waves were huge and seemed to be pulling in one direction.  No one was in the water and people were cautiously standing on the shoreline afraid of being pulled out by the mighty ocean.  The next time I went to the beach it was like a gentle pool.  It is fascinating to me to watch it and walk along the water’s edge.  Truly a gift from God.