Are you awake to the sacrament of the present moment? What a gift to really live in the NOW! That’s all we have. The more I choose to practice mindfulness, I am able to “wake up” and welcome each day with a grateful heart.

What a privilege to assist our sisters in these uncertain times as we learn to “be” and live more fully in the present moment. Together we are “waking up” to this day, discovering the sacredness of each moment. 


Brother David Steindl-Rast shares a simple practice 

that leads to grateful living. He encourages us to:

         Stop! Be present. . . awake. . .alert . . .aware!


Look! Gain perspective. . .let go of judgment. . .be open. . .live in awe!  


Go! Cultivate a sense of possibility. . .deepen your appreciation for life. . .   

        be creative. . .make a difference!


Brother David’s “A Network for Grateful Living” (Gratefulness.Org) is an excellent go-to place to wake up to the sacrament of the present moment. 


I recommend: Wake Up Grateful: The Transformative Practice of Taking Nothing for Granted, by Kristi Nelson (executive direct of the Network). This book is so good that I’m taking an on-line course based on the book with 700+ world-wide participants. 


Dominicans are called to “contemplate and give to others the fruits of our contemplation.” STUDY is essential to Dominicans as we live out our Dominican charism and mission. I am blessed and listening to the call to “wake up!”


Mary Therese Johnson, OP

Living in Community at Sinsinawa Mound