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As I attempt to enter into the stories of others and contrast them to my own, safe, experience of the unknown, I weep for the state of our world and particularly for those who are most vulnerable. We may not be able to stop the war in Syria, but we can stem the bloodshed and provide real life and an offer of humanity to those victims of the Assad regime, ISIL, and the warring rebel factions. We can offer sanctuary to those who, like Jesus, were forced to leave their homelands.
Giving Voice
A few weeks ago, the Giving Voice Core Team, along with Communications Coordinator Ryan Hoffmann, gathered in Racine, WI for our annual planning meeting.  While we typically meet via Zoom, the longer, in-person time is valuable for relationship building, evaluating and direction-setting of the overall organization.  I’d like to share highlights of this meeting.
As we enter into this year’s Lenten journey, we’ve assembled some of our favorite resources.
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