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Giving Voice is very excited to announce a new scholarship for Catholic Sisters! The Leadership Initiatives Scholarship is meant to strengthen the mission of Giving Voice through our participants in three areas: Leadership Skills Development, Relationship and Bridge-Building, and Language Skills.
Almost 13 years ago, I said yes, and filled up the application to be a candidate with the Congregation of which I am apart of now, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace. The decision came after a period of listening intently to what I heard, felt and wanted from God.
On the weekend of April 12-15, I attended a Formation Convocation in Chicago with my community, the Felician sisters. I joined 51 of our sisters: those in leadership, in varying stages of formation, and those in formation. What I expected to be a meeting turned out to be a community retreat where we reflected on formation that is centered in a relationship with God.
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