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Sisters Jessi & Chero at the 2017 LCWR Assembly
My heart swelled with resonance as I listened to the 2017 LCWR Presidential Address and heard Mary Pellegrino name the need to shift our language, attitude and living to create space for the “emerging narrative of communion" of religious life. If you haven’t read her talk, I encourage you to do so. As with all things that are emerging there are glimpses of clarity, moments of deep knowing, and many questions.
Like many people in the United States, my heart has been hurting a lot lately. There have been so many senseless deaths and divisive responses. We seem to keep talking past each other. The divisions, oppression, hatred, and disdain feel so overwhelming.
Giving Voice Online Directory
In the coming weeks, Giving Voice will reach out to Catholic sisters under fifty years of age who are in a Roman Catholic, canonical institute or society of vowed women religious to invite participation in the first-ever online directory of Giving Voice participants. The online directory will enable younger women religious to better connect, network and collaborate. Please be on the lookout for more information soon.
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