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Sister Scholarship Awardees

Sister Amanda Carrier, RSM
Awarded Scholarship to take Verbling Spanish Language Classes

“I was awarded a scholarship for Spanish classes.  I’m a little nervous but also very excited.  Learning Spanish has been something I have wanted to do for a long time.  Being able to communicate with sisters in Spanish would be very helpful in both my Mercy community as well as the Giving Voice community.”

Sister Joni Luna, SP
Awarded Scholarship to attend the Instituto Cultural Spanish Language School in Oaxaca, MX

“I am deeply humbled and filled with gratitude for this generous gift. It is with God's grace that I embark on this Providential Journey of embracing who God created me to be.  I plan to travel to Oaxaca, Mexico several times during this year to The Instituto Cultural Spanish Language School which offers Spanish language and cultural immersion. I will be learning to read, write and refine my Spanish tongue. I believe I will be a better servant to all God's people because of this amazing opportunity to immerse myself and reclaim my heritage.”

Sister Jenny Zimmerman, SND 

Awarded Scholarship to attend the Collaborative Leadership Development Program

“I am very grateful to receive this scholarship to attend the Collaborative Leadership Development Program.  CLDP will help to provide me the training, along with a multicultural perspective, to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence I need to grow as a leader in my ministry and in my community.  I look forward to the next 18 months of gaining self-knowledge to better serve all of God's people!"

Sister Linda Buck, CSJ

Awarded Scholarship to produce videos on contemporary issues in religious life.

“I am so grateful to Giving Voice for their support of a project that has been on my heart and mind for over five years. The scholarship will provide stipends for each speaker on a video series. The video series is to support the emergent in religious life and to provide solid theological, spiritual and psychological underpinnings for our life – and freely available to all. The speakers will be selected to allow for new voices to be heard on topics important to our lives – and to help cultivate a new generation of voices into the future. I am deeply touched by the support of Giving Voice for this project and I look forward to being a part of the Spirit-filled energy generated from this collaborative project.”

Sister Luz María Rangel, CCVI 

Awarded scholarship to learn English

"Being able to communicate directly without a translator allows us to feel more closeness, understanding, confidence and to be able to live and experience the encounter.  The meeting between people, sisters that breaks the barrier of language, of culture, of generation and that gives a sense of union and fraternity. We are also called as a Congregation to create intentional communities for new vocations to religious life, being bilingual is a tool that can facilitate growth as international communities and to be a sign of evangelical coexistence. Thanks to Giving Voice for the support to the Congregations of Religious Life to walk in the acquisition of tools that allow us to live the Mission to which we have been called."

Sister Sarah Kohles, OSF

Awarded scholarship for a Systems Thinking Leadership Certificate from Cornell University  

"Thank you to Giving Voice for giving me the opportunity to take online courses in systems thinking.  I look forward to acquiring new skills that will help me find new ways to solve complex problems in our church and in our world."

Sister Mumbi Kigutha PBM 

Awarded Scholarship for Bridge-building among Communities in Chicago 

"Over a year ago, Sr. Donna Liette CPPS had an idea borne out of her Ministry at the Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation (PBMR) to gather Women Religious in the Archdiocese of Chicago around the issue of violence. Several meetings followed, and in the last meeting before the beginning of summer, restless about moving to a concrete action, Sr. Mumbi CPPS suggested getting T-shirts that could be collectively worn whenever we gathered around Social Justice Issues in the Archdiocese. In September, after summer break, the idea was tabled again when Sr. MT PBVM started her Ministry Practicum at PBMR and Sr. Jessi PBVM suggested applying for a grant from GV to facilitate the same. MT got in touch with a graphic designer friend and after many back and forths and soliciting the opinion of a few sisters, the final design was agreed upon. We chose to go with Nuns rather than Sisters as it has more brand recognition.

The T-shirts were printed on eco-friendly fabric made and sourced locally, and the work was done at the Print shop at PBMR which provides young men trying to get of the streets with job preparedness and readiness.

We had a sisters gathering on Dec 9th, to present the T-shirts and also try and come up with a few action plans for next year where as Chicago Catholic Nuns we shall rock the T-shirts."

Sister Jeana Visel, OSB 

Scholarship Award: Iconography Workshop with Hexaemeron 

"I have been studying iconography since 2006, and it has become a vocation within a vocation. Being able to express Christianity in an increasingly visual culture is an important skill today, and I find there is always more to learn about how icons work "from the inside out." Because this is a tradition passed on largely through a master-apprentice model, every opportunity I have to work with my teacher is a great blessing. I look forward to learning what I can, and to sharing the fruits of our labor!"

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