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Adriana Calzada, CCVI

I recently did an interview on Religious Life, the last question took me by surprise because it was not related to the topic of which we were talking about: Which advice would you give to a young Adriana? I must confess that my answer also surprised me when I said: "as time will goes by you...

Eilis McCulloh, HM

On my desk, I keep a tattered post-it note that reads, “Because of you, I can do something.” A few years ago, a client said this as he sat in my office talking about his new life. I still remember the moment he said that. I felt like an insignificant speck in his new life in Akron, Ohio, but, to...

Roman Catholic Sisters and Brothers who are currently in formation and have completed their canonical novitiate year are invited to participate in a new program called Together: A Collaborative for Theological Education, Formation, and Community, cosponsored by Catholic Theological Union (CTU)...

Do you write poetry? Giving Voice is excited to announce our new original poetry series: #SisterPoets! Each month, sisters who participate in Giving Voice are encouraged to write a poem on one spiritual theme, to be a part of a monthly collection published in our e-newsletter, on our website and...


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