Giving Voice Core Team Member: Leslie Keener, CDP

  •  Congregation of Divine Providence
  •  Entered in 2000
  •  Currently living in Covington, KY
  •  Ministry:  Campus Minister at the University of Cincinnati through a Parish Newman Center

 Experience of Giving Voice

“I have been involved with Giving Voice since I was a novice, and so it has gone hand in hand with my life as a religious.  Sisters in Giving Voice are peers, friends, and sisters.  They offer support and encouragement when I've needed it the most.  For me it's sometimes tempting to leave leadership and initiative to older, wiser sisters, because that is so often the dynamic in my own congregation.  However, Giving Voice won't allow me to do that — it has challenged me to see leaders in my peers and in myself; it has encouraged me to dream and to step forward and to recognize gifts in myself and other young religious.  Giving Voice has helped me to mature and to stand on my own two feet within my own congregation, and I think it has taught me to appreciate my congregation as well.”

 Hopes for Giving Voice

“I hope we can continue to be a support for younger members and to continue to move religious life forward.