Discerning a Call to Religious Life?

Giving Voice is a network of Catholic Sisters under the age of 50 from many different women’s religious communities.  If you are discerning a call to religious life, we encourage you to check out some of the resources below.

  • VISION Vocation Network: VISION provides comprehensive resources available in print and online for those seeking information on Catholic religious vocations and men’s and women’s religious communities.
  • Catholics On Call: Catholics on Call supports Catholic young adults (ages 18-35) as they strive to discover God’s call in their lives, and explore the possibility of a life of service in the Church.
  • A Nun’s Life Ministry: A Nun’s Life is about just that–LIFE–and how to live it fully in light of the Gospel! At aNunsLife.org, people from around the world gather to explore God’s calling in their lives.
  • The Vocation Discerners: This Facebook group is for anyone that has EVER thought about working in the God Squad, i.e. being a priest, brother, monk, nun, sister, pastor, deacon, deaconess, bishop, or whatever your denomination would allow you to be. And, it’s for all of us trying to figure out what to do with our life in general: dating, marriage, career.