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What is speaking to your heart? It’s a question I continue to ponder as we enter these final weeks of Lent. I’ve been especially attentive to my heart this Lenten season perhaps because Ash Wednesday was also Valentine’s Day this year. It seemed odd to celebrate both on the same day but I suppose it was fitting for a season focused on conversion of heart, to start on a day dedicated to love. So where is my heart?
In February, the Core Team met in St. Louis for our yearly face-to-face meeting. While our monthly Zoom meetings make our leadership structure possible from our various locations across the country, it is always good to get together in person, particularly for evaluation, long term planning, and direction setting.
This year, Giving Voice teamed up with National Religious Vocation Conference, Communicators for Women Religious, Religious Formation Conference, and the Center for the Study of Consecrated Life, to both highlight Catholic sisters online with a series of video interviews, and create community at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago with a prayer service.
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