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Sister Sarah Kohles
What happens when young sisters from across congregations, geography, cultures and charisms gather? Something special happens. When we come together, the convergence of charisms leads to newness of religious life happening now. Through deep listening, meaningful encounter, and shared leadership we dream big and stretch towards new horizons.
Young women in religious life today, just like our Sisters before us, are seekers. We seek to live our vocations rooted in our congregational charisms and grounded in God’s hope for the future of religious life. We seek to connect with one another to strengthen our commitment, deepen our fidelity to religious life, foster connections that sustain our vocations, and create ways to live religious life in the present and into the future.
Past, Present, Future
I was exhausted in the minutes leading up to my scheduled Circle Group this April. I'd driven back to Chicago from St. Louis after spending the first half of Easter Week in the Expo Hall of the NCEA conference.  I was done being social and smiling at people; I was physically tired from driving and standing and sleeping in a strange bed.  I didn't feel as though I had a coherent thought about Healing Divisions and I wasn't sure I cared.  Why, I wondered, had I felt compelled to join a circle... more
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