Recent news and updates

Join Catholic Sister Peers in their 40s for a weekend of community, prayer and relaxation! The 2020 Giving Voice 40s Retreat will be held at Stella Maris Beach House in Seal Beach, CA.  Giving Voice uses the principles of The Circle Way as a basic format for our gatherings. The retreat begins with supper on Friday night and concludes with Mass and lunch on Sunday. 
We are thrilled to announce that after several months of work, Giving Voice’s new website is live! In addition to a new look, our website will provide an extensive internal Sister-Only portal with an inter-active map and online directory tool to search for sisters across the US & world, a wiki-section where sisters can post and edit information to share, a “conversations” section where sisters can discuss topics close to their hearts, and an “Events” section where sisters can submit local... more
In the fall, many Sisters are in periods of transition, whether it be through ministries, school, moving locations or making vows. This is a constant gift and challenge in the lives of Sisters. Core Team member Jessi Beck asked our Giving Voice network to provide bits of advice, wisdom and stories from what Sisters have learned during times of transition.