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In honor of a season full of younger sisters making vows, Giving Voice reached out to interview participants who have recently, or will soon be making this sacred journey. Click through to read interviews with Sister Michelle Garlinski, snjm, Sister Romina Sapinoso, and Sister Christina Chávez, CDP!
Being in mass I could not help starting to reflect again. The church that I attended this Sunday is usually full of children. Whenever I go there I am usually distracted looking at how they behave, some of them sing, some fight, some laugh, they smile. I rejoice at this sign of hope. It was not like that today. Today, I felt sad for them. I also felt curious about their parents and some admiration. How is it possible that an institution that does not protect its children is full of them?
This past July I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Oaxaca, Mexico, to the Instituto Cultural Spanish Language/Immersion School after receiving a scholarship from Giving Voice. After entering the Sisters of Providence in 2012, I was encouraged by my Sisters who spoke Spanish to pursue my education of the Spanish language. I recall Sister Florence Norton saying, “Joni, the language is in you. You just have to let it bloom.”
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