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Encuentro at the Border
During the October 7-10 Convergence At The Border program sponsored by the School of America's Watch, Giving Voice sisters, associates, and supporters participated in prayerful and peaceful witnesses that called for an end to violence, supported immigration reform, and lifted up the human dignity of all God's people. The Giving Voice sponsored "Encuentro" brought advocates together for connection, dialogue and action planning.  Sister Tracy Kemme commented:
Thank you
On behalf of the entire Giving Voice network, we’d like to thank all those who contributed to our 2016 annual appeal. As Giving Voice continues to grow, we are most grateful for your support. Thanks to your generosity, younger sisters across the country, as well as countries outside of the U.S., will be able to connect with each other, grow in faith, and reflect together on our call to religious life. This time and space to discern where God is calling us and the future of religious... more
Chero Chuma, CSJP
What name do you prefer? The question about what name one prefers is not new in religious life. My CSJP Sisters had shared stories on how they received, what some of them called, their "nun name" when they made the first vows decades ago. The owner of the name did not understand how the name was chosen. The stories on how the name surfaced and given to the individual was the norm then. This meant taking on the new name and dropping their given birth name. It meant taking on a new identity. Most... more
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