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Since January, so much has happened in our world, in our country, and in our local contexts. COVID-19 disrupted our lives and demonstrated our vulnerabilities as religious communities. We were shaken to our core with the murder Breonna Taylor and the murder of George Floyd recorded for all to see. The issue of systemic racism in our country was on full display at the expense of a dying black man crying out for breath and for his mother.
In an earlier Giving Voice newsletter, we announce that Giving Voice’s October Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Encuentro would be a hybrid of in-person and virtual meeting. After further reflection, the planning team decided to have an entirely virtual meeting this October, hosted by Dr. Lisa Summerour. This meeting will be the first of two sessions, the second of which will be held in 2021.
In January my Congregation made a difficult decision to close our convent at the end of June. The conversations and discernment that preceded this decision left me with a sense of peace but also sadness. In 1930 our sisters arrived at Our Lady of Pompeii Church in Greenwich Village (Manhattan). The parish started nearly forty years earlier and with a new church built, it was time for a school.