Welcome to GV Core Team

We are excited to Welcome two new members to the Giving Voice Core Team:

Chero Chuma, CSJP and Jessi Beck, PBVM.   We look forward to the creative and Spirit-led ways they will shape Giving Voice!  The new core team will gather in December to facilitate transitions and to share hopes and dreams for moving Giving Voice forward.

There have been many core team transitions these past two years.  In 2014, Susan Francois, CSJP transitioned off the core team in October.  This past May, Sarah Kohles, OSF transitioned off the core team followed by Jeannie Humphries, OSU in September.   Leslie Keener, CDP will leave this November. We are grateful for the passion and vision each of these members brought to the Core Team.  We are appreciative for the many gifts they so generously shared and ways they have helped shape and move Giving Voice into the future.